Cadiz Groundwater Conservation and Storage Project

San Bernardino County (October 2010-April 2011) Paleo Solutions was contracted by ESA to conduct all paleontological surveys, a literature search, and to develop a paleontological analysis section for the Draft EIR that complies with CEQA. The field survey included the 200-foot-wide Arizona and California Railroad Company (ARZC) right-of-way (ROW) from the Cadiz Inc. property and an approximately 200-foot-wide corridor northeast of the intersection of the ARZC ROW and the Colorado River Aqueduct (CRA), extending approximately 4300 feet east from the ARZC ROW to the CRA canal, parallel to the CRA.  Based on the results of the analysis, mitigation measures were developed to reduce potential adverse impacts to paleontological resources as a result of proposed Project construction to a less than significant level. Learn more about this project.