Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility Project

Imperial County, California (ASPEN Dudek, and BLM); (2009-2012) Paleo Solutions prepared a paleontological study and section for the EIR/EIS. OWEF is a 315 megawatts wind farm approximately 12,436 acres of BLM-administered land. Notice of Availability of the Record of Decision was published in the Federal Register on May 11, 2012. The recently approved Sunrise Powerlink crosses the project and will facilitate transmission of the project's renewable energy output to load centers in Southern California. After field surveys and fossil discoveries, a few hundred acre area was recommended for avoidance. This decision was based on both the discovery of paleontological resources and the proximity of biologically and archaeologically sensitive areas. Paleo Solutions also provided Third Party Monitoring during the construction phases of this project. This included BLM Permitting and Tribal Consultation for Paleontology. Learn more about this project.