Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (TRTP)

Southern California Edison, Kern County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, California. Paleo Solutions has been responsible for survey inventory and recordation of paleontological and cultural resources along all 11 segments of the project since 2010 through 2016.  Work has included CRHR/NRHP evaluations, preparation of reports, agency consultation (including preparation of a Programmatic Agreement with Angeles National Forest), preparation of management and mitigation plans, and construction monitoring as necessary. The TRTP, one of the largest green-energy projects in North America, involves the reconstruction of existing transmission facilities and new construction of 500 kV transmission lines to carry electricity from wind generation sites in the Tehachapi Mountains to the greater Los Angeles area. More than 250 miles of transmission lines, towers, and major new substation construction will be constructed. To-date the team has completed the following tasks for TRTP; 1) Surveying/Recording and Monitoring of Paleontological Resources;  2) Recording Prehistoric Archaeological Sites; 3) Recording and Evaluating Historic Buildings, Structures and Objects; 4) Evaluating Cultural Resources for NRHP and CRHR eligibility; 5) GIS Capabilities; 6) Surveying Large Linear Projects; and, 7)Federal/State Agency consultation. Currently, the team is monitoring and managing over 100 identified historic resources for the TRTP project. Learn more about the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (TRTP).