Paleo Solutions services range from permitting, analyses, surveying, implementing and developing mitigation and monitoring plans, third party documentation review, writing EIR/EIS/EA/MND/IS documentation (CEQA/NEPA Compliance), artifact and fossil excavation, collection and curation, to technical report production. In addition, we have a modern and complete facility capable of housing large and small specimens. Our staff is experienced in proper paleontological and archaeological preparation for curation in museums and repository facilities. Paleo Solutions has implemented modern problem solving techniques to resolve unusual field circumstances and resource discoveries. We have added unique job experiences to our “lessons learned” database. Paleo Solutions provides the following environmental services to help meet our client’s requirements under CEQA and NEPA compliance with the CPUC, BLM, USFS, and other agencies:
  • Paleontological Desktop and Field Level Reviews
  • Paleontological compliance based studies for Proponent’s Environmental Assessments (PEAs), Environmental Impact Reports/Statements (EIR/EIS), Initial Studies, Paleontological Inventories, and Survey Studies
  • Phase I, II, and III Archaeological Services
  • Emergency monitoring for both paleontology and archaeology
  • Pedestrian Surveys and Technical Reporting
  • Monitoring and Mitigation Treatment Plan creation (also, development, implementation and modification of existing plans based on field conditions)
  • Avoidance versus Mitigation Studies
  • Field Permits for Survey and Monitoring (when applicable), Agency Communication
    • BLM (Arizona, Nevada, and California)
    • California State Parks
    • US Forest Service (USFS)
  • Rapid Salvage Techniques that do not impede construction
    • Micro (small mammals and invertebrates) and Macro (large mammals)
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Third Party Document Reviews
  • Recovery of Large Fossils
  • Laboratory and Curation Preparation for Archaeology and Paleontology
We utilize iPads in the field for data collection (logs and survey forms) as well as mapping (georeferenced) and photographic documentation for complete data management of projects Paleo Solutions has implemented several techniques with our clients' support to provide cost effective solutions for large scale monitoring projects. Three of these methodologies implemented are:
  • Ground truthing of geological mapping
    • For example, we utilize current project GIS and geology mapping to correct older, erroneous field maps, reducing the monitoring efforts recommended in the original treatment by at least one-third.
    • A letter was submitted to the CPUC and BLM for concurrence.
  • Monitoring reductions based on field observations of actual geologic units.
    • Formations impacted during construction that are less sensitive than depicted on project sensitivity maps result in reduced or no monitoring.
  • A single monitor trained in both paleontology and archaeology
    • A single crossed-trained monitor is utilized in locations that have low to medium sensitivity for both paleontological and archaeological resources, reducing labor cost.
Paleo Solutions takes pride in providing rapid response to our client’s needs, excellent communication skills, and good working relationships with all our clients, staff, agencies, other contractors, and construction personnel.